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Strategic Plan

IEA Councils mobilizes individuals to ensure the equitability of services in resource-constrained communities. Outreach strategies are equally tailored to ensure community receptiveness. The organization further delegates professionals to showcase program inclusivity and proper cultivation of students’ potential by establishing self-sustaining cycles for community assistance.

Staff work on a broader goal to expand and meet the demand of colleges. Through intercultural engagement and personalized services, the organization strategically lays foundation to build solidarity between members of different East African communities.

The indubitable merits of social, cultural and economic reintegration are important constituents of academic excellence and professional versatility. Since its inception, IEA Councils has been a strong proponent of experiential learning. The DC, Virginia, Maryland area being a hub for many East Africans, we push our students to go beyond their comfort zones and explore the higher educational community outside the DMV.

Sustainability Through Experiential Learning

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