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The Institute for East African Councils on Higher Education (IEA Councils) is the only 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the United States working with high school students who are from or have East African heritage, to place them in competitive colleges and universities. Through a culturally sensitive curriculum, IEA Councils expands students’ horizons and combats the tragedy of undermatching low-income high achieving students. The curriculum implemented is designed to help students develop a competitive application package, assist in college placement, and help them achieve their fullest potential. Participants are predominantly first-generation college bound students in the Washington DC area from immigrant families, with little experience in American higher education. IEA Councils works to extent pertinent guidance in this transitional period while redefining college within their cultural context of the students

IEA Councils' primary goal is to send students to top-tier independent colleges and universities. Through interdisciplinary engagement, expertise from staff, and personalized college access curriculums, we expose students to the strategies needed to secure admission and thrive post matriculation. We regard our continual engagement with scholars as an indispensable step to their admission and persistence post admission.

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